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Hello lovely!

I am Lucia - deeply rooted and flowing. 

I pride myself in the importance to feel connected with yourself and grounded to earth.

All at the same time, free.
Allowing yourself to flow.

To feel full but not attached.

My aim is to inspire you to be and live in your greatest self. 

To stop comparing yourself to others

because you are beautiful just as you are.

To let go of past challenges that are heavy on your heart. 

 Because you are more than what has already happened,

you are you in this moment and that is enough.

You are not your past - believe it. 

I am here to help you embrace what consumes us

and help you believe that even pain shall pass. 

The only certainty we have is change. 

I am here to share truths and guide you into a healing journey - 

understanding that we are all different

and that imperfections are actually a gift. 

You are not your thoughts, 

you are not your fear, 

you are a beautiful + breathing being. 

Indulge in this present version of yourself - 

feel it.

You are alive.  

Moving from one pose

into higher thoughts

and deeper breaths 

is a harmonic movement of 

mind + body + heart. 

Allow it to take over. 

I am here to be by your side through this journey. 


we will practice presence in a playful way,

without worrying how you look,

without being hard on yourself, 

while letting go of what is right or wrong 

and rather by just purely feeling. 

This is the goal of practice. 

I am very grateful to have been guided by wholesome souls in practice

and I am now fully committed to sharing the beautiful journey of yoga with you. 

Allowing me to extend my knowledge is one of the best things that could happen to me.

Moving, flowing and connecting - together.

See you in class. 

x Chia

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