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+ THURSDAY JANUARY 7TH, 18h GMT +1 (Winter Time) 

HEART OPENING VINYASA with Chia (90 min)

During this 90 minutes class we will be opening our hearts working deeply into your backbendings...





+ THURSDAY JANUARY 14TH, 18H GMT+1 (Winter Time)


NEW MOON FLOW with Chia (90min)

A 90 minutes slow and nourishing flow for your body in this new moon...






+ THURSDAY JANUARY 21st, 18H00 GMT+1 ( Winter time)


HIP OPENING VINYASA with Chia (90 min)

During this 90 minutes we will be strengthening and opening our hips...




+ THURSDAY JANUARY 28TH, 18h00 GMT +1 (Winter time)


 FULL MOON FLOW with Chia (90 min) 

A 90 minutes Full moon practice to let go whatever doesn't serve you right now...



I offer 1:1 yoga classes or Private yoga classes up to 3 persons Online or In-person

What to expect from a Private yoga class?


+ I’ll meet you right where you are and we will focus on your needs guiding you through every class, every movement and pose.

+ Every class will be adapted exactly to your level and we will work through it to get exactly what you need in every session

+ We will work on movement, mind and breathing, every class will be different depending on how you feel

+ We will meet your goals to make this experience unique and amazing to you

+ I am here just for YOU, to move with you, to breath with you, to help you be the best YOU 

+ I want to be here to inspire you to feel at home with your mind, body and heart


If you are interested in Private yoga with me click SCHEDULE IT and we will schedule a day and time that suits you best.

I can’t wait to meet you,


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