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THURSDAY JANUARY 28TH, 18h00 GMT +1 (Winter Time)

FULL MOON FLOW with Chia (90min)


A 90 minutes Full moon practice to let go whatever doesn't serve you right now. We often feel more emotions during the full moon so it is the best moment to release, let go and relax. 

This is going to be a soothing practice flowing slowly into the poses allowing ourselves to feel and let go the unecessary. 

We will combine hip and heart opening through movement and stillness and the art of letting go.

All levels are welcomed, we offer modifications for all poses.


- 10 € per class, for your first class

- 8€  per class for returning students

- 5€ per class if things are tight

 I acknowledge that things are tough right now for some so I would like to offer this honesty system as yoga is a healing journey that all should have access to. Please be upfront and fair about the last pricing offer. 


 *Any additional donations go directly towards the charity

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