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Morning routine


Hey yogis!
I have created "Morning routines with Chia" as a way to inspire you to create your own morning routine. 

A moment that will only be for you, a moment to breathe and be with yourself first thing in the morning

I want to motivate you to start this routine with me 2 times a week to slowly create your own magical mornings

If you struggle to wake up or don't have a morning routine I invite you to join me for this 30 min morning routine to connect, breathe and prioritise yourself.

In 'Morning routine with Chia' I will guide you through a 30 min morning yoga routine to awaken your body, breathe and take time to be with yourself

Sign up with your email in the contact box below the text and you will receive a Zoom Link that will work for every day we connect

What we do?
- We will start with 10 mins of guided meditation 
- Followed by 20 mins moving our bodies
Each day will be different, and will vary from vinyasa, gentle vinyasa, gentle stretches to Yin yoga

- To finish I will give you 3 journal prompts for you to do at any moment during the day

Every Monday & Thursday 
7h45 am - GMT +1 (SPAIN TIME)
6H45 am - GMT (PORTUGAL & UK)

* Let you know as soon as possible the exact day we will start

How do I join?

On the contact form fill in your email and name and I will send you a Zoom link

What do I need?
You will need a yoga mat and a block if you like
A pillow or cushion to help you sit comfortably
I just need you to bring yourself with no judgments or expectations
We are here to reconnect, breathe and heal

*These mini sessions are for free but feel free to make any donations if you want to my PayPal

See you on the mat Yogis!

How does it work?

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